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About Us

WINSTECHS&TDVPT.CO.,LTD.(北京赢祥伟业科技发展有限公司)was founded in April 2009,It is the head office of the WINSTECHCORPORATION in China,Headquartered in Beijing, China, the company has branches in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Taiyuan, and its marketing network spreads all over China.

We are mainly involved in the import of medical infection control products and dental business two business segments.

Infection control:

We are mainly engaged in the promotion, sales and after-sales business of imported medical infection control products and medical personnel protection products in the Chinese market, and maintain long-term good cooperation with medical equipment manufacturers in Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries. Our main products include “Micro-Scientific” Cleaning and Disinfection Solution, McGan insulation tester, WINSTECH sterilization container, WINSTECH harmful gas monitor, BANDELIN Ultrasonic bath, etc.
Non-destructive medical safety first – we focus on medical safety.Yingxiang is committed to continuously introducing the most advanced medical safety and medical security products, with innovative ideas, the latest products and intimate costs, continue to create better solutions for customers.

Oral career:

As a sales company with a global vision, we are committed to providing a comprehensive sales and service system for the domestic oral industry, including technical products, clinical products, professional oral medical services and so on.We focus on the oral medical market, set oral equipment supplies sales and clinical training as one, is the top sales company in the field of oral medical equipment supplies in China.
Over the years, we have established in-depth cooperation with first-class oral medical equipment consumables manufacturers in Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea and other countries to jointly develop the Chinese market.We hold several advanced oral new technology training seminars every year, radiating to stomatological hospitals, stomatology departments of third-class hospitals and private clinics all over the country, and actively promoting the development of new oral technology.

The services we provide


We have brought high-quality disinfection supply products such as McGan insulation tester and Micro-Scientific cleaning agent to China. We have been deeply engaged in the disinfection supply field for more than ten years, and have continuously introduced international high-quality products to Chinese customers, and maintained long-term good cooperation with many international partners.The product line is numerous, medical cleaning agent, insulation detector, gas monitor, hard container and other products are deeply loved by customers, to provide you with a comprehensive disinfection supply solution.


We focus on the integration and clinical promotion of digital chair products, help the clinical establishment of digital oral service mode, committed to providing domestic oral institutions with technicians, clinical, oral medical services and other comprehensive professional sales and service system.


The professional software team provides self-developed and convenient information management system for medical institutions, and helps the digital scientific management of disinfection supply center, endoscopy center and CSSD quality control center. Comprehensive and sustainable professional services escort your information management!

INSLAB temperature recognition system
Cleaning sink temperature measurement sticker Before UseBefore After Features: Temperature range of stepped discoloration 25-60℃4000-8000 times of rapid discolorationWater levelHeat resistance up to 240 degrees CelsiusEnvironmentally friendly resin materials One-time anti-scalding temperature measuring sticker Before UseBefore After Features: One-time use, ready to use55℃ discoloration...
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WINSTECH intelligent cleaning detergent injection system
Features: Used for manual cleaninglAutomatically add cleaning agent, intelligent operating systemlPrecise ratiolImported with original packaginglCE, SA certificationlRemote controllPrint report (optional)
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McGan insulation tester
Features: Imported with original packagingConvenient connection and simple operationDisplay voltage, sound and light alarmSafe output constant currentLong lasting lithium batteryLightweight and portable, yellow warning, high recognition McGan -an insulation tester from the United States, specially designed for medical devices with power supply. It...
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Microsafe harmful gas monitor
Features Double control, double safetyDual screen display, you can observe the gas concentration without entering the sterilization area4 kinds of harmful gas monitoring arbitrary combination, multi-channel30 seconds warm-up, fast installationLarge-capacity data storage to meet your 3-year data record volume, one-key retention24-hour online real-time...
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